brooklyn quaRTER


Brooklyn Quarter is a storytelling collaboration. We sustainably tell beautiful stories through film, performance, writing, visuals, music, and any other art form we don't even know about yet.

The collaborators tell their stories through their mediums, but the story of BQ itself is the amazing people. Just as we should be known for how we love one another, we should expect the same love for each other's stuff. If we are to value our own stories, we will be exponentially stronger by valuing the story of one another.

Some fans will be in it for the tales, and some will be in it for the tale-tellers, but our strength is in collaborating. Everything we make is in an ecosystem with everything else. Since it is impossible to do everything perfectly, and difficult to do many things well, let's at least accomplish one thing with certainty: building one another up.

Everything else is in service to this.


Carroll Guardians

GM - Timothy Reese

Tyrel - Tyler B

Brynn - Danielle Beckmann

Bakkowarsox - Devo

Tinkerdin - Tyler P

Into the Steam

Meiril - Tyler B

Kewt - Danielle Beckmann

Ottilie - Krissy

Turlock - Devo

GM - Timothy Reese

Maven Brave

GM - Danielle Beckmann

Kiva - Latresa Baker

Delphine - Danielle Brewer

Zie - Cait Cortelyou

Luthien - Michelle Girolami

Just All Around Good Ideas

Danielle Beckmann - Writer/Director

Devo Alexander - Camera/Editor

Timothy Reese - Producer